Tuesday, September 08, 2015


I believe there is information, valuable information, being withheld among us regarding the realization of God.  In this mix of current readers today, there is this great combination of people who believe absolutely in God, some have a quasi-maybe faith, others hope there is God, while some detest the topic.  Each group is extremely valued and loved by God.

While I make myself very vulnerable with this post, I believe that many of you possess insight that basically goes undetected because there is not a format for expression of either doubt or of question.

What is it that you wonder about God?  Or, possibly you just don't get why any would believe in such an entity?  I'm not asking for your criticism of your church neighbors, frustration with pastors, nor your disappointment that no one spoke to you when you visited a local congregation.  We all have such stories, unfortunately.

So I'm not asking for a gripe session.  I am, however, curious.  What is it that we leadership and churches simply don't yet see that you honestly question?  What points are we missing?  Where do guys like me who have been around this subject for decades seem to go blind to your needs?  Your questions?  Your anxieties?

I believe that a great number of dear and wonderful people have the simplest of questions about the reality or the actuality about God, but we are not sure if it is all right to ask.

I'm not inquiring of you so that I can give Dear Abby-like snippet responses.  I'm asking that I might learn.  I do not want to be a spokesman in the Kingdom of God who is failing to connect with hearers.

Would you risk?  If you don't mind, help me to understand what it is you can't seem to grasp at this moment in time?  Go easy with me as I'm just as fragile as all the rest of us.  Answers are not necessarily forthcoming in one big AnswerSwoop because this isn't about such.  I'm interested in being attentive to all who have questions; but guys like me are too busy being religious.

Your questions might be answers to help me grow into more effective ministry.  It's one thing to live in a critical stupor of church and all that goes with it.  It's quite another to simply wonder about the traits of God and how mankind fits in.  Maybe you could help me understand the complexities of concerns which are currently going on toward the topic of significant spiritual questions.

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