Wednesday, September 09, 2015


You have the freedom to hit this day with gusto.  Of course, you carry concerns for others or for yourself.  And surely your bed of roses has the wilt in places.  But I warn you not to lose sight of the magnificence of you.

True, you have failures.  Also true you sometimes miscalculate.  And we just as well admit it that there are times your attitude could use a scolding.

But there is this thing about you; well, really this Person.  When you have been baptized into Jesus his Holy Spirit has taken up shop within.  And just exactly what is He doing in there...inside of your very personal mancave or womancave?

The Holy Spirit is printing out DNA of goodness that you can't manufacture on your own.  He produces items like love and like joy and like patience (Galatians 5:22, 23). You are to be God's warehouse where He has set up shop to put out a line of goods that everyone on your street needs.

Of course we can't do it.  We get cranky and fussy.  But that's why He resides within you; to take over the production line.

You are more than you are because having been baptized into Jesus you received his Holy Spirit.  He isn't in there to cause you to pretend you are having a good day.  No, He is within to afford comfort and hope for those fortunate enough to encounter you.

People are waiting on someone to give them a word of kindness.  You are exactly the one to do it.  Now...go take on the day.

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