Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Sure wish that the idea of heaven would be true....but even then you would feel like you will be headed for Hell?

Oh how I realize this comment is just so abrupt.  I would prefer to apologize as well as not address it.  But in reality, there are so many very wonderful quality people who feel it is a waste of time trying to get to heaven.  In their words, I would not be good enough.  There is no hope for me.

I hear such phrases from the poor to the rich; from the nobody to the famous.  I want to change this unnecessary perception for any who possess a feeling of being so very sinful that their reservations in Heaven have most likely been cancelled.

The very recall of Jesus on the Cross assures us of two things; (1) we can't even fathom us at our very worst and (2) we can't fathom how much God loved us to put His Son through that torture in order to rescue us.  So while it is noble that we be honest about our desperate lack, we must be assured that God has us measured for personal failure long before we were born.

God is not caught off-guard by our immense ability to disobey.

It is this truth that could lean us in His direction.  He loves us as sinners.  He saves us; not after we straighten ourselves up, but before we even realize what a mess we are. God killed His own heart because He treasures His children.

You can be lost if you choose.  You can dismiss the powerful and profound work on that hill one terrible day.  But you don't have to.  Anyone can have hope of living eternally. Such a hope isn't for the good ones in some churches.  It isn't relegated to those who are most sacrificial.  Rather, eternal life is for the miserable hyper-sinner who could not save him/herself....which would

No one is too far gone.  No one is exempt from reason to hope.  No one is so bad that God can't save.  That would include you or your relative or your neighbor.

Maybe it would be worthwhile for some of you to reconsider.  This Jesus didn't hold a pep rally for those who like enthusiastic gatherings.  No, he volunteered to die in our stead because he knew full-well we could not compensate for the misery we brought to earth while here.

Good enough?  No one is.  Join the crowd...and research what it means to believe in a God who gives Himself up for His children.  It's quite the success story.  And you are very much included in the story-line.

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