Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Mankind must push back if we are going to inhabit the territory of faith.  Believing has been stricken by opposing forces; reduced to a mere step in a legalistic religious system.  It is more.  It is much more.  It is the positive explosion of possibility.

Across the Christian board, leadership and followship have been lured into a "No Try" zone.  Fearful of looking foolish, believing has become a careful process of expressing faith concepts without believing them or walking them.  Safety has become ruler.  Our fundamental goal is to not look bad.  Thus, we refrain from stepping beyond the average norm of the church.

When this happens we find ourselves in step with so many others who are also out of step.

Begin in Genesis and read through Jude.  Note the bizarre stories of God's common children.  These are not presented as VBS themes.  No.  This is a long string of historical wow-factors intended for our inspiration to beat the dull routine of church-not-on-the-move.  And then, just for fun, read Revelation and tell me how you find that book?  Ho-hum?  Monotonous?

Faith is a bold and dramatic walk.  It is not a whim or a mood of taking a stab at it. Faith thinks that what isn't can be.  Furthermore, it refuses to bow to the news of hopelessness.

Because God blew death's cover we are set free (even called) to conquer those gnarly passages of life that tend to shut us down.  We have a living God and we breathe faith from Him.  Let the world know by first notifying your heart that this is not a mundane and average day.  This one is God-backed, God-led, and God-supplied.

Now....go out among the crowds looking like you are one happy camper!

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