Wednesday, August 19, 2015


We are dependent upon the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in all things.  We've heard it.  We've read it.  We've believed it.  We've voiced it.

Yet we Americans pride ourselves of freely living under the mantra of independence.  This is our theme, our code, our great gratitude.

These two very strong factors struggle to find a cohesive pathway.  Independence from systems of tyranny is one thing.  To pursue life for a pure version of pleasing self is in great conflict with the Jesus nature.  Thus, we struggle to get our hearts on board with the spiritual side of existence.

However, there clearly seems to be conciliation for a cohesive walk.  As the flesh carries our spirit, the tandem are to be persuaded to obey the vocal call from the heavenly territory.

We are individuals who are to possess/do possess a personal relationship with the Trinity.  We are individually independent; free from rules and regulatory governments in order to express our heart's full conviction regarding faith.

Personally, however, we are to yield our freedom of living for self so that others can be reached, built up, and blessed.  This is a stretch for many who pride ourselves of being servants of God.  Yet this expansion is precisely what is needed, and expected, from each believer.  We are called to die to ourselves and to live for others.  This is the clarion call of the Cross.

Vulnerability.  Inconvenience.  Imprisonment.  Death.  This is what soldiers of nations fighting for freedom offer/endure.  It is this very freedom that finds the Word of God calling each of us into the battle for the souls of men and women and children.

This heavenly calling will take no less commitment.  Vulnerability.  Inconvenience.  Imprisonment.  Death.  If not attentive, living in a free country will birth a religion which forms its doctrine around personal preferences, convenience, and dismissive commitment.  While we are free to believe, we are not free to deny others the good news because it makes us feel awkward.

No.  We find ourselves back at the soldier frontier striving to set the captives free that they may taste of the Divine Glory.  Dying to self is awkward.... every time...and we are called to do it.

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