Sunday, August 09, 2015


Ted and Fred were twin frogs who just loved to play.  Both in third grade these two found delight in many of the games at recess.  Of course they were most fond of Leap-Frog.  But they didn't only play games, they loved duck hunting and swimming.

One day they were diving from the edge of a cream can into a deep pond of milk.  They swam about and suddenly Ted went under....and drowned.

Fred was feeling the tug as well.  But threatened by that sinking feeling, he began to kick.  He kicked and he swam.  He swam and he kicked.

Before long, Fred stepped out to safety as he found himself atop a cream can full of butter.

Ever have that sinking feeling?  Ever find yourself in circumstances that could place you in over your head?  I say keep kicking.  Keep swimming.  Before long you, too, may find yourself set free as you use the very thing that threatened to sink you to become your very stepping-stone into greater possibility.

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