Saturday, July 04, 2015


From mistreatment (coming from external) to mistakes (coming from internal), we are wonderfully challenged to step up to the plate and do something/be something beyond ourselves.  Such is the story of Jesus embedded within men and women.  More than we can imagine of Ephesians 3:20 has to be one of the most thrilling messages of hope still today.

I am perpetually driven to be alive while I live.  Certainly, we would agree, that our world in our time on our street has its significant stresses and multiple inconvenient challenges.  Yet, it is these very climates of concern that provide opportunity for faith to shed meaningful light.  We get to experience hope when so many would believe there isn't any.

Faith is a weird thing in a way.  When one believes what can become, it often does. When one doesn't believe in a specific area, there will be no development.  This is the constant faith factor hinging on our what-can or what-can't system.  For those who believe they can become, they will.  For those who believe they can't, they won't.

That simple truth brushes past us far too easily.  Life doesn't depend on breaks as much as on our pursuit of dreams.  Failure seems to knock the props from beneath some when the very same scenario only inspires others.  Either trek is based upon words spoken.

That's it.  What we talk about is not only who we are but who we become.  Words...are the difference.

What we say determines our destiny.  If we say God doesn't work in our lives, He won't. If we say He blesses in all situations, He will.  This is neither pretense nor is it Rocket Science.  It is faith.  Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen.  It isn't Sunday School gibberish (as some would mock); but rather the route to highest satisfying and meaningful life.

We must watch our language.  Within our words, phrases, sentences, and even rants, each of these builds props which will follow precisely what has been expressed.  Never is a structure built until first someone said such a facility was needed.  Never does one become a teacher in a school system until such a person first said that they may go into teaching.

We must watch our language.  Guard it to speak life.  Form it to give hope.  Build people, events, and circumstances by your best power; your dynamic of visionary speech.

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