Friday, July 03, 2015


Even in our harshest and most frustrating times there is gold in them thar hills!  That's the message of the Bible.  River out of its banks?  God can part it.  Man's hand withered?  Jesus can make it well.  Son lay dead in a grave?  God can raise him.

It does not matter our circumstance.  We are advantaged.  It does not matter our restrictions.  We are advantaged.  It does not matter the mountains of confusion before us.  We are advantaged.  Problems?  Secret solutions are most assuredly embedded.

If we live, we win.  If we die, we win.  If we get our way, we win.  If we don't get our way...well bummer (only kidding)...we win.

Jesus doesn't make us religious.  He makes us winners.  He equips us to be victorious regardless of the size of the contest or the size of the opponent.  Goliath found God's boy to be advantaged.  Nothing has changed.

Nothing has changed.  That we are advantaged in every setting is the story of God.

Live the story.  Always advantaged.

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