Sunday, July 05, 2015


Humility is one of the deepest, strongest, most meaningful human entities referenced in Holy Writ.  It  is accurate.  It is powerful.  It is always to be present in all believers.

Because we are us, we have tendencies to get on a roll with the latest and greatest need in the Kingdom.  We push, pull, plead, and beg.  Causes get into our hearts and mission becomes our drive.  Only when humility, however, is in the mix does the true partnership of God come into play.

There is God to be honored.  Humility will glorify.

There is a Bible to be promoted.  Humility will try.

There is a world to be reached.  Humility will care.  

I find it a rather sensitive, maybe nebulous, line to cross when trying to combine humility with outreach.  We've got a message; but it isn't ours.  It's His.  We've got a compassion; but it isn't a mark on the chart of our good deeds.  It is His.  We've got an assignment to love others; but only God can pull it off from within us for we are just too self-aware at times to be effective.

Humility risks.  We prefer hiding.  It's more secure; although such is an ineffective posture.  

Humility believes.  We open to the senses of God when we believe He can through us; the very ones when working from our own self-confident base fear that we can't.  We move forward because we dare to decide to believe Him over doubting ourselves.

Humility, the strength of Jesus, is to be among us day in and day out.  That's why power is perfected in weakness (II Cor. 12:9).  Power.  Weakness.  When the two are wed within a person, the full God kind of work goes on.

Lowly humility is the High Way to Heaven; and there's plenty of room for it to go on within and among us.

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