Thursday, July 23, 2015


Life improves dramatically as we learn how to use failure to our advantage.  As if it is ultimately backwards, success is found in learning from disappointment just as much as it is found in discovering formulas which work.

There is deep hope, even meaning, when we determine to let imposition and discouragement fund our future.  If one gets good breaks, celebrate.  However, if one gets bad breaks, celebrate even harder.

Winston Churchill said, The trick is to go from one failure to another, with no loss for enthusiasm.  When things don't go right, we are presented with opportunity to learn from this exact disruption.  Do we really think Thomas Edison's inventions came about on first try?

So it is with the art of believing.  Faith isn't a magic wand to be wielded.  Rather it is a system--a very deep system--which believes something can become that isn't yet. While faith doesn't operate by the visible, it actually sees into situations or issues as to what could eventually be.

Ephesians 1:18ff calls us to accept a strong truth; eyes of the heart (a faith that is certain when there is no physical evidence to verify) are to be enlightened so that one can know both riches and hope coupled with the great power of God directed toward those who dare to believe.

There is benefit in failure.  We learn we don't run the life show.  It forces us to look for God's supply as we have reached the end of our ropes.  Dispensing reports of our successes is not our entire story.  The added confidence that our failures give advantage is a Kingdom of God secret.

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