Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The Bible is clear that when one operates by the mode of comparison that such a person is without understanding (II Cor. 10:12).  If we believe we are doing better or worse compared to another, we are immediately found to be off-base in our grasp of reality.

So I ask the question as to whether we are on thin ice when any generation discusses life's problems as if it is somewhat the fault of another generation.  We are all similar. Each younger group rolls their eyes at the perceived rigidity of the older. Simultaneously, the older sigh over the immaturity of the younger.

This has gone on for...generations!

Both groups may have defined the other with accuracy.  The hitch is forgetting that we, too, do the same.  Romans 2:1-5 frankly says that an ideal of which we find ourselves critical is to first be assessed that self is guilty of the very same.  O U C H !

I propose that Generation Gaps are very real while we are all guilty of the very same thread of neglect or silliness, etc.  Each generation seems to pass through the same waters at similar ages.  The young want to see change.  The middle feel held back by the older while being pushed by the new.  And the older can't believe how ridiculous this young generation is!

Therefore, it is felt by each generation that in places there is spacious difference.  The spoof of it is that said generation (whichever one you select) is blind to its own superficial and blind judgment.  Comparison is never to be one person or group against another.

Life changes everything when we begin to honestly place our habits and natures against the Son of God.  This shuts our mouths of complaint and disrespect toward another.  We have enough about ourselves that demands correction and improvement. This is the reason that Jesus still teaches us to take the log out of our own eye before the pluck the speck from another.

The Generation Gap will begin to narrow when at each turn of each age we can admit that we are not sharper than all of the others.  We, at this point, might be relieved to find that every person at every age is called to live new day by day....which would make each of us to be about the same again today (II Cor. 4:16).

And...being now in the early stages of the older generations, may I point out something from experience?  While the younger are huffing and puffing with disdain at the stuck thinking of the older, your day is coming when those younger ones believe you to be antiquated and narrow.  Just sayin'.

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