Friday, July 24, 2015


I'm in research mode and I wonder (iWONDER).  iWONDER about so many things in so many areas about so much.  Today, I wonder if those of you who have some interest in my posts, yet little in church, would talk with me.

Dare I ask?

For those who don't care for church, what is it that you don't like?  And, what is it that would help if you were to be a part of it?  These aren't rocket science questions.  I really would like to know.

While I just love God and love being a part of the Christian fabric, it surely is accurate to believe that those of us who proclaim to follow Him have not arrived.  Because we have significant lack, we have very much to learn.

I want to learn.  One way is to hear your voice.  Maybe you could help me.

WARNING: I don't learn well by being yelled at anymore than you do; so try to speak calmly, yet frankly.  It is my conviction that we may not be listening to some very wonderful people.  Too, I believe if I could get to hear your voices then I would learn a great deal.

So here is an opportunity of a lifetime!  I ask you three questions.  Respond to some or all:
  • What is it that you don't like about church?
  • Are there any elements you do like?
  • What adjustments could be made that would make it a more favorable experience?

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