Saturday, July 25, 2015


The swimming pool possesses great wisdom.  It has a call all of its own.

Let go!  Take your toe off of the bottom.  Don't be afraid.  Let go!  You can do it!  Try again!  Let go!  Trust yourself for more than a life of trying to swim with your toe on the bottom!  Don't be afraid!

This is the code of life: one can let go of the bossy fear and begin to swim or one can be limited to hopping about in the shallow zones of life while always envying those at the deeper end.  Safety comes from one end of the pool; robust laughter from the other.

I spent too many years suited up for the swim of life.  Yet, fear sunk me.  Afraid of failure, I played it safe.  Adventure was that thing that I admired in others at the deeper end; but it wasn't for me because I was bent on living from the shallow end of the pool.  From there I could wish; but I could not celebrate.

I found mystery to be torpedoed by explanation.  Adventure was sabotaged by the unyielding ruts of playing it safe.

The time comes when one simply has to make the leap.  We must let go of the ties that bind.  When we begin to realize that our spirits are not earthbound, something seems to open our senses to the Land of More.  This partly explains addictions; the craving for more than this.

Somewhere along the way we will want to consider moving from the shallow end of life to the deeper experience.  The transition takes place when we allow the Spirit of God to work with our spirit.  We move from crawling to soaring.

God is more than us going to church and quietly sitting in rows.  We are called to the greatest journey ever.  We are called to do more than we can do.  This call can either inhibit or thrill.  I say we vote favorably for the thrill.  I say we give ourselves a vote of confidence that since we are already suited up for life....why not dare to move out into the deep?

Psalm 46:10.  Let go...and let God.

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