Tuesday, February 18, 2014


FLAT DAYS  and another previous article or two were inspired because of this right here.   A week ago today I had eye surgery go bad.  The prior two days I had been in the hospital discovering I have degenerative spinal disease.

Last week felt like three.  I am so glad that the many days leading up to these three that I had been noting how much I liked right now!

But....I only share any of this to tell you that, for me, I'm am having another, Don't you love right now? moment.

While some of these interfere as they try to extort momentary attention, these pains in the neck do not own me.  These are not my boss.  Neither do they determine the quality of my day.

Moods, good or bad, are not sergeants who tell us when to hop. No, we serve a higher calling; one that celebrates the hopeful and is awake for possibilities during the testiest of moments.

Jesus changes the rules.  Injuries and death no longer get to intimidate like they once did before he entered our picture.  With him we can tend to the down and out, walk where others have feared to tread, and we can even fold our arms in death awaiting the Morning Son.

We are winners; even when the majority assume we lost.  With God, his children can win/win or lose/win...but we will always win!!

Therefore, I urge you to like right now.  We each have abundance at our elbows that most on earth will never experience nor delight in....once.  Sure, we have bad days.  But never do we have any kind of day without supreme reason to smile...great big!

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