Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I don't suppose there is an easier target for criticism or maybe jokestering than that of a minister.  Even when I began to sense my inclination at age twenty of pondering such a possibility, I pulled myself aside and said, Terry, have you lost your ever-lovin' mind?  You know such an occupation carries little respect.  You know most everyone will think you work one day a week; and part-time at that.  You know the mockery you've handed out toward other preachers.  Now, you think you really want to step into this?

So what do ministers do?

  1. We drink a lot of coffee and attend a lot of baby-showers.
  2. We play a lot of golf and then fish at night.
  3. We read little devotional books that keep us kind in personality.
  4. We never say cuss words.
  5. We do our dead-level best to please all of the congregants; knowing full-well we didn't even come close.

  1. We study the Word of God realizing that He is much more than we had imagined and, concurrently, we are much less than we had hoped.
  2. We perpetually speak daily words of hope into those many ears who have reached the end of their rope concluding they are absolutely good for nothing.
  3. We trust in God's provision and supply when we have reached the end of our rope as to what to do next to bring relief to a suffering generation.
  4. We live with hearts broken for those we serve are constantly suffering loss; even death.
  5. We infuse a resurrection power kind of faith into everyone around who need someone to tell them that God gives life to the dead and makes something out of nothing...Rom. 4:17.
While many of you were inclined to read this with the professional minister in mind, the intention is much broader.  It is written with you in mind; you who serve God and others, you who love when others hate, you who care when others grow cold, you who imagine when the majority run with whatever the herd thinks.

Thank you.  Thank you for believing there can be more when things are so rough. Thank you for calling on Him to do the work when you have flat run out of muscle. Thank you for never giving up on me, on the church, and on others.  We are trying; yet most of us will always live in kindergarten in the kingdom.

We thank you for ministering to us from your divine patience.  Many of us notice.

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