Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Flat days: a term I made up to describe the yucks.

The Yucks: another term I created to shed light on the possible mood found during flat days.

Some days appear to come in neutral; nothing going really wrong, nothing going really great, and simply nothing going.  We are obsessed with either action or the hope of action.  Our wish is for life to take on meaning; thus our constant search.

At the moment I would welcome a Flat Day where there was nothing going on.  That would mean my blood-packed eye which encountered errant surgery last week would go back to Flat Day normal.  It would also mean that my neck and shoulder and arm would welcome Flat Day and the throbbing pain would subside.

I have often yearned in the past week for the Flat Days of the month prior when I could swing a golf club or at least turn a steering wheel without the assistance of my left arm.

Flat Days are to be noted as good days.  I have noted them for years by calling out, Don't you love right now?  So much is going good when we would believe not much is happening.  Even in this period of non-flat time, great value is everywhere.  Nothing is a waste; time isn't, pain isn't, and existence isn't.

Flat days or bumpy.....be glad they include one of the greatest creations ever to walk this earth....you!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Terry. You are so encouraging! In your situation, many would be bemoaning their fate and maybe even blaming God, but you plow ahead just like Paul. Since losing Ray, there have been times when I've wanted to share something with him that I've read or seen on tv and then realize I can't. Then I think, "Am I kidding? He couldn't care less about that. He's in Paradise where none of this matters." What a comfort that has become. I read you every day and God lifts me up through your words. You ARE an amazing creation!! Connie