Friday, October 12, 2012


The church possesses the greatest news for every generation; how to experience life with meaning. 

People are lost.  They are not just hell-lost.  They are earth-lost.  The reason?  These just cannot figure a way to take this present existence and fit into an elusive (to them) matter called LIFE.

Life is not that things go right or work out okay.  Life is brimming with assurance that external injuries and internal disappointments are not to define who we are nor how we are doing.  The inner man is the true us.  The outer man begs the question and, therefore, bullies all of us into grave meaninglessness.

Man really must be sharper than to just go through life without paying attention to the factors which rob individuals of ultimate freedom to enjoy breathing in and out; existing.

I share at length Malcolm Smith's comments; Our first parents, Adam and Eve, did not become "as God," as Satan had promised them, but instead became the slaves of the one who had lied to them and promised ultimate freedom and independence.  Life now was lived on the meaningless treadmill of trying to make the lie of Satan work in life.  They were doomed to fail at meeting their goal of being as God, yet in a blind and insane belief have been spurred on to attempt to achieve it in every succeeding generation of humankind.

Note his next strike of accuracy.  Dead while physically, mentally, and emotionally alive, the sad parade of humanity moves through existence toward physical death, the dissolution of the body, being separated even from physical existence.  Created to rule the universe, humankind has ended up being absorbed back into the dust from whence he came.  And the first man and woman believed they would be gods!

Unlike lower creatures, men and women know that physical death is inevitably coming, which makes their existence meaningless.

The most painful thing about relatives and neighbors is their battle for meaning.  The good news of God is that Jesus came that we might find meaning and find it abundantly.  He calls it LIFE!

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