Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Be encouraged. I say that because those on the front lines as well as in the trenches will surely find incoming missiles aflame. These mold and verify our calling. Do not be discouraged.

From experience I can say that if 100 people love me 2 people despise me. I love being loved and hate being hated. This can upset one's cart in a hurry. God must help us....and He does.

I don't think many get the warning of don't be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you (I Peter 4:12) because they simply don't walk the fires. Yet, for those who do, God's conclusion is that these are for our testing.

Going through the fires of kingdom life are good and necessary things. Therefore, don't waste the opportunities to learn. Intend on passing the test.

Kingdom life is such a blessing because one learns to transform sufferings and insult into fuel. What is designed by darkness with intent to shut us down is transferred by the Spirit to light us up.

Yes, more will love you than despise you. All are important in the kingdom walk. Don't reject anyone. Love all. And thank God for His inexpressible gift for we are very privileged to get to wear the sandals Jesus wore.

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