Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Today my good friend takes the helm as the Cardinals' new manager. I emailed him early this morning.


Today! Today you begin your managerial career!

May you continue to live like a winner; accepting the applause and never dismissing the importance of each agonizing crumb of frustration and disappointment.

Due to God, everything is a yes (II Cor. 1:18-20)….everything.

You begin today in a new zone of leadership. Go for it! Failure and irritation will only serve as comrades to build you up in the true nature of greatness. Refrain from dismissing the tough stuff. And, celebrate each game.

Former coaches and managers will watch you from their television sets yearning for the chance to have a job like yours….whether it include a win or a loss.

Like every moment called now!

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Jarrod Spencer said...

You continue to "minister to the stars!"

Thanks for being a light in their life!