Monday, March 19, 2012


Isn't Ephesians 3:20 one of the most exhilarating verses ever? I still love it that we can take the mind elevator to the top and then God will be awaiting to say, Oh, but there is so much more!

That He can work beyond what He dares us to imagine is too fascinating to me. Because of His energy we can get anything done. Truthfully, we get so much accomplished because He makes a great drink for the world out of we lemons.

My problem is that I am a dinky thinker. While I love the passage I still seem so glued to security and mediocrity.

The world really does need us; really is waiting on us. I charge you to continue to imagine what can be/could be/should be/would be and do not stop such fabulous faith.

God is not looking for super stars. He is scouting for mite-giving, fish and loaves believers.

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