Monday, March 19, 2012


Let go and let God is more than a saying. It is a secret....that works!

Why would guys like me try to control so much? Because we are inferior to begin with...that's why. Our range is so small. Thus, we try to keep what little territory we think we can command under control. just won't work. We are still too small.

Our role is to die to self; even that nagging spirit of being in charge. Our God is too big. His kingdom is too magnificent. His vision is superior. Our role is to follow His lead rather than us coercing Him to follow ours.

I am in kindergarten. I've moved down a few pegs over the years. Once I was a high school graduate in the church only to be knocked down several notches due to pressure, failure, and ultimate collapse of self.

I can't. He can.

I believe Him. And, He does the work.

This is a much better working arrangement. He does the work while my work is to believe Him...Jn. 6:29.

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