Wednesday, March 21, 2012



How is the title worded? Maybe it would be better said, I NEVER FIND A MOMENT THAT I AM NOT GRATEFUL. However, I am never not grateful.

I live in this world of grandeur called the Kingdom of God. To operate from human reason and logistics is a mistake. To function from the spirit side of impossibility-made-possible is reality. It isn't fantasy land. The abundant life of reality.

We approach the Tulsa Workshop today. It will be filled with joy, excitement, criticism, exuberant chatter, and the Holy Spirit of God. The most of it is fun. Some of it makes me cry. All of it is a glory to Father. None of it is a wasted crumb.

Who wouldn't want to get to be me? And, for that matter, who wouldn't want to get to be you?

I am not never grateful! That's a secret we can know about our inner attitudes.

How about you? Are you not never grateful, too?


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