Thursday, March 29, 2012


There remains a consistent need within the Christian ranks to be infatuated and enamoured with Jesus. Yes, His is the name that closes all of our church prayers. Yet, clearly there is to be so much more than a name endorsement. It is too easy for one to become distracted by submission to much lesser idols.

Jesus is to be the one who is head over all things to the church which is his body, the fulness of Him who fills all in all. Jesus is to be our everything.

Yet, distractions pull us off course into zones of seeming importance to our theories and our emotions.

From the above Ephesians segment alone, we should see that Jesus is our Primary Primarian. All is to revolve around him. This is nothing new to any of us.

However, it can be noted that church satisfaction rests upon other limited idols. Do the sermons connect well? Are the songs my preference? How about the time factor concerning the "worship service"? Are the teachings in line with my comfort zone? And, how about the building decor?

The church is not a marketing parade but rather a training ground for cross carriers. The very things which might upset any could be the very concepts which would teach endurance. It is true among us. We are in great need of never-give-up-ness.

Today I would call our attention back to the cross and then that empty grave site. The wow of God remains the world's greatest force. The world will likely perceive such in greater awareness if we as the church can align ourselves more fully with the Christ of the cross rather than the idol of personal preference.

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