Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Our nation is in a world of hurt. One reason for such is due to the planting and watering of seeds of increased anger. America is ripe for the harvest of a fire storm.

Tension is rife in the media, congress, Wall Street, race, and religion. Animosity is trumped with hatred by too many of high profile. Planting and watering provocation....some in the news (on both sides of the interviews) cannot resist the grooming of this monster.

Yes, for today, we are able to move about in fairly standard normalcy. Yet protests of Occupiers continues to linger and the recent shooting of the black teen gains concern...only to mention a couple of matters. We best be in prayer that our President remain safe.

Should you believe me to be wandering of into the political, such is not my intent. I am alerting us to the truth that Jesus is the only true calmer of the you (in him) play a role in containing today's heated market. The body of Christ must awaken America to the possibility of tranquility.

What an opportunity for the church.

We are soldiers on duty to help steady the unstable. We are physicians prescribing salve for open wounds. We are ambassadors from another country supplying firm hope in this present darkness.

Every time we turn on the news, we complain, is more negativity. This simply is a signal of the great need for hope, and faith, and life, and love. These things of God are of prime necessity.

What an opportunity for the church.

Thus far some churches have existed on the meager crumbs of battling they and them over emotionalism, legalism, and other-isms as if the inner markings of the religious world were our real target. Yet, the arm is not to be at war with the leg.

We may be on the cusp of entering a different scale of battle.

What an opportunity for the church.

The church has so much to offer simply through the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Now is a perfect and significant time that we increasingly awaken to this power within us. His fruit is not only desperately needed; it is the only solid solution of hope.

Avail yourself to the battle. Exert yourself by His strength. We can curtail an oncoming storm. Jesus is the hope of our nation.

The elements are near for a fire storm. What an opportunity for the church.

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