Monday, April 04, 2011


There is something so intriguing about being a new creation.  Jesus makes us new.  Paul insisted that we are new day by day.

New is the perfect concept for an old humanity.

If one is tempted to be enamoured by the fascinating advances of technology, consider the far more amazing truths of being a new people.  Men and women can start life over!  We can actually be born again!

Has the new birth become old hat to those who claim to know Him?  I surely hope not.  Has the new creation become a back-up passage to the new birth?  No way.

We are a brand new people and this re-creation is of the most extravagant proportion.  We don't just say we are new....we believe it...and are crazy about it.

I love being in the church and I love ministry.  Many things about myself, others, and ministry perplex me.  Yet, I'm not afraid of the future because of the freshness that comes upon us.  What hope!  What life!

We are a new may we walk like it, talk like it, and believe like it.

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Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

praise his name we are new creations ... some of us have stuff from the old creation in need of redemption. Very encouraging Terry.