Tuesday, April 05, 2011


When I completed the first of five lessons in Richmond last week, a white-haired older gentleman came up to me with the following comment; It is good to have you with us.  I am very analytical and I will need to hear you a couple of more times before I can assess how good you are.

Hmmmm.  What would such a statement mean?  I will be assessed and reviewed?  What will I win if I pass?

I could not help but notice this man as I spoke twice Saturday morning.  He listened quietly as well as intently.  When the second session was over, he offered no comment.  I didn't know if I passed or if perhaps he forgot.  Either way, God graced us with a terrific morning.

Sunday's gathering was really special.  Class was packed with members and visitors and my elderly evaluator.  It was a big deal for me to be their guest.  God was present; I think we all could tell.

At the conclusion of the sermon the responses were powerfully special.  Each of us possessed an awe of His kindness toward us.  And then the gentleman stepped forward when we were dismissed.  It was a special moment.

He approached me and said with dampness in his eyes, I am so inferior that if you knew how much you would be ashamed of me.  I have to analyse everything...every thing....to the very penny of any calculation...I have to control every thing.  What I heard this weekend has opened my heart and I want to thank you.

I wondered how it would go.  I knew that whether it seemed good for felt badly, it would be a yes.  To see the relief in this man's eyes melted my heart.  God struck the both of us.  I won't soon forget the tension I initially sensed from this man....and then to hear of his confessed relief. 

I wondered how it would go.  I had hoped it would turn out as it did.

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Janice Garrison said...

Wonderfully awesome Terry!

God's Word has that effect on people and you, His messenger, know how to touch many hearts.

Thanks for sharing a beautiful story.