Sunday, March 06, 2011


Terry, personal question here, when you don't receive comments on your posts...does it ever 'bother' you? I have a blog, and I read many others...I always check to see if I have any comments...I think others must too. Is that a positive or a negative...or a 'not to even think about'?

A dear friend whom I've never met in person, Vasca, left this comment on my last post. 

Vasca and others,

It doesn't bother me when there are no comments.  Very few are ever left.  The counter tells me this blog gets about 1400+ hits a week. I receive about one comment for every 700 hits.

Does it bother me that I receive very few comments in return?  I don't think about it.  My whole emphasis is I pretend I have a cluster of students out there globally and they check in for their morning devotional or whatever and move on.  I pretend my blog is like a daily calendar for one's get go and if my words would cheer, applaud, and direct....yippee! and others who write blogs do the same thing.  The volume of readers is never the issue.  The words of hope which speak volumes is.

Much love to a wonderful Vasca!  You are treasured in my heart!


Cary said...

And 1400 hits on your counter doesn't include people like me that read your posts every morning from a feed reader. You do have a global audience of "students" that check in every morning.

Jim Tuttle said...

I would like to comment on this morning's "get go!" Thank you and have a great Sunday!

Brian said...

You are a speck of God's grace in the vastness of His universe, but yet, you are a powerful influence to countless millions throughout the world!

You are loved, Terry Rush!

Steven said...

My take on it is this: Silence - Sitting In Limbo Expecting New Cultivating Experience

Silence sometimes means we are sowing seeds in others lives. A farmer reflects over the field during the sunset and there is silence the next day. Comments may not be on the blog, but it is reflective in other's lives. Sometimes we need to sit in limbo so that we can expect the cultivating experience in others.

Anonymous said...

Amen to Brian's post! And Vasca!!


Vasca said...

Ow, wow, Your Majesty. You got the comments today...and you are 100% deserving. Such a wonderful example.