Wednesday, February 02, 2011


This comment came from anonymous regarding the last post. 

Terry, I'm writing from Monroe, Michigan where I, too, am homebound today due to the snow! I read your book today, God Will Make a Way. My sister-in-law sent it to me in January 1998 after my father passed away in December of 1997. It took this long to read because I didn't need a book about death. My father's death was a blessing to him, his eternal healing. But, as I read it today, I realized I needed it for my brother whose wife just moved out to move in with his best friend! Needless to say, his life is devastated. He came back to God but is in desperate need of healing! I shall pass it on to him. God ministered to me greatly through your book! I loved it and hope to find other books you have written. Isn't it amazing, and such a blessing, that the book you authored over 16 years ago was alive to my soul today! Isn't God awesome. I, too, am believing GOD WILL MAKE A WAY FOR ME!

I love to receive notes such as this.  One of the kingdom truths I simply did not know when I began ministry is God uses things we sowed years ago to become fruitful today. 

You need to know this about yourself.  You have given an encouraging word or sent a card or gave to missions in the 1950s or 70s or 90s that are still bearing fruit today....but few think to tell you.  You have given books as gifts that have been passed along without your awareness; yet you continue to bless others.

You have baked desserts and hosted showers and offered rides which boosted great moves of God...and it could be no one shared what wonderful thing happened next.

Anonymous, you did that thing to me that God often does; reminded me He's doing work that I would have guessed had ceased.  Thank you!

And you most encouraged.  There is a rousing movement of God globally today.  Earth is pregnant with Christian seed which is about to give birth to wonder because we live in the greatest system known to man; the kingdom of God.

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