Monday, February 07, 2011


We have eternal life; He said so. 

Ponder with me what that--eternal life--might mean.  To define it, I feel certain, would be like trying to examine snow flakes....too many to catch and impossible to measure.

So I give you the very basic Terry Rush version.  I didn't learn it from flesh and blood.  God just popped it into my mind.

Eternal life is why, as a believer, we feel at times we are about to pop with enthusiasm.  A mistaken tendency is to view eternal as future with distance as a measurement.  No so, I don't believe.  Eternal is to have the past and the present and the future all bottled up inside of us.  We are full of God-sized, God-like LIFE.

You and I possess eternity.  We are eternal.  We hold the essence of Esther, the courage of young David, the commitment of Nehemiah, the energy of Peter, the defiance of Jesus, and the hope of a new creation!  We are full of God....Eph. 3:19.

No wonder we are alive!  Eternal within each of us is truth beyond record gathering or information sorting.  It is berserk with wonder and awe and privilege!  Paul was beside himself!  Who can live a life dumbed-down?  Who can live contained?  Who can doubt belief?  Who?  No one of the eternal filling?  No one.

Therefore, don't make a trip to the drugstore or to get an oil change as if something minor is to be accomplished.  The magic of eternal combustion happens everywhere we tread.  May you awaken to the wonder of yourself.  You are more than you can imagine.  Only God can describe the indescribable gift within you!

Go out, face the world, and let a difference make you!

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