Thursday, December 16, 2010


I spent the first two decades of my new-found faith trying to match up with verses and doctrines.  I was a basic failure.  My alignment was off, my spirit was unhappy, and my results were nil.

Over the years momentum has shifted to the point I live mesmerized at watching God work among us.  It is a new experience everyday.  He is proving Himself true when He had Paul write that we are new day by day.  We are!

Over the past few months I have been stricken once again by God's tender mercy toward me.  He has let me grow into another level of awe toward Him.

God has opened my heart eyes by letting me be among the poor.  Blessed are the poor in spirit, Jesus began his irreversible crusade.

Here's what I see; being with the poor is the walk of Jesus.  It is also the doctrine as well as the heart of discipleship.  The poor draw God.  Find a church growing and more times than not it will not be due to upper scale location nor spit-shined architecture.  It will more likely be due to the poor being touched by His majestic love.

Look at those who work with orphans, with food pantries, with clothes closets. Look.  Depth.  The heart of God, the doctrine of God, and great faith in God.

Where we have struggled over the years may be resolved (not in our moves to the right, left, or center) by shifting to the very doctrine the heart of God has cherished most....caring for the poor.

Building facades are supposed to say; Here we are.  Come join us!  But doctrinally enriched faith says, Where are the poor?  I must join them!

Merry Christmas.....reflecting upon that deed where God let His doctrine show by joining us....the poor and lost.

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Lee said...

Terry, your post reminded me of a passage in Isaiah 57. God says in verse 15 that He dwells in two places. The first is a high and holy place; the second is with the contrite and lowly of spirit(i.e. the poor). How true your observation is that we find God amongst the poor. I wish I would have realized and understood that sooner in my spiritual walk as well.