Friday, December 17, 2010


(The one giving the announcements)

"Welcome to church today folks. We hope you enjoy your time with us. In order not to offend anyone, we ask that you not act like you are happy. We all have our druthers and preferences. We all want to get along so let's be sensitive to all today and just hold back any expression of joy. We are in church, you know."

While this tongue-in-cheek comment is ridiculous, I've been in settings where similar announcements really did happen. This is painfully unbearable.

Of all people we should be the ones who sense great joy...over-joy...and are free to express it!

When visitors gather in our assemblies, one of the first things I believe they ought to experience is that they have entered a place of joy. "Decent and in order" has served as church handcuffs to stop whatever it was that Sister Gert or Brother Bert didn't like. Yet to be assembled for the purpose of praising God without the element of joy is a misnomer.

I don't know what your main church doctrine you. I would direct your attention to the truth that those dragging in from your community have endured enough pain and agony in the week past. May the start of their new week find that you are know it....and you look like it!

A shift from looking like we were weaned on dill pickles to that of chocolate would be a wonderful decent and in order improvement!


Anonymous said...

Too funny and true! j

Vasca said...

Well said...I count it joyful to be in His family lifting happy heartfelt thanks and praise to our most wonderful Father. Hallelujah's soar not sour.

It is most difficult to lift holy hands up high while sitting on them; which is what so many are encouraged to do. I think God wants His people to be happy. I am and He knows it...what a blessing.