Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The more we talk about God working the more God gives us to talk about.

Even Santa opens doors and hearts within our immediate community!  I experienced a marvelous thriller last night at Memorial Drive.  Santa came to see us!  Oh, how many times have you been there done that?  That's what I thought, too. 

For the first time, we extended an invitation to the immediate community (through fliers at Lindbergh Elementary and our food our new digital lawn sign) for pictures with Santa.  David and Lisa Combs developed this idea with the expectation of maybe 10 to 100 visitors.

Whoa!  When the doors opened at 6:30 I counted 56 waiting in line.  Hundreds came.  It was a wonderful zoo.  We had one printer going and had to bring in another to send home the pictures of little ones with Santa.  Because the crowd was slightly delayed in getting their photos, it gave me time to work the crowds.  They were so appreciative, so polite, and told me they would like to be at church soon.

One of the scenes which touched me greatly was an older woman entering with her mentally handicapped son of about 45 years old.  I introduced myself and thanked them for being here.  The mother said, Oh we had to come to see Santa....he is soooo excited.  They were here for the man's picture with Santa.  It was adorable!

Santa will be back tonight for our Children's Christmas Program!  He will be a huge hit....again.  The more we talk about God working the more God gives us to talk about.

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Brian said...

Great post, Terry! I am so proud of what God is doing through you in Tulsa and around the world!