Sunday, December 05, 2010


For all of us responsible for pulling off much of the day's plans, let us not forget that God runs the show and a good show He can put on.  Whether it be preaching or praying or participating or planning, God is the main one through His Son Jesus.

Go into your day full spirit ahead.  Be ready to give it your all.  Yet, keep it close to your heart that you and your performance isn't close to the main thing.  Full and exaggerated Life in Jesus is the big deal.

Work today...and believe today...with the main thing being the main thing.  You and me?  We aren't it.  Glory and praise be to God because Jesus is!

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Leah B. said...

Once again Terry, you have spoken directly to me on behalf of Christ. How amazing it is that He always passes the right message along at the right time. Losing sight of the main thing and instead focusing on my resentment for always having to be in charge is a big issue. Thanks for the goosebumps that come with great insight, and realignment of my focus. Love you friend.