Monday, December 06, 2010


I think earth-life has some very difficult days ahead.  I'm no prophet.  However, I sense we need to prepare for some intensely confusing and disorienting times. 

We will do well to be bound to the Book; not our whimsical moody doctrines, but the authentic life-meaning and life-giving ones.

Our biases against others will gradually be chiseled to one war: belief in Jesus or not.

Our hopes will pervade the landscape because of a famous empty grave.  Our dispositions probably will be challenged; yet our confidence will prove to rely upon His Spirit and not our own.

We are believers for doubtful times.  We have the tools to win---whether life or death or somewhere in between.

Jesus is the Savior and we intend to be  Do not lose heart.  Light and momentary affliction merely causes productivity in the secret and invisible kingdom.  We shall not grow old in our ways; but newer today than yesterday and far newer when tomorrow gets here.

Rough days are ahead....unless we slay such days with the love of our Lord.


Greg England said...

Rough days ahead? Are you kidding me??? What about all the "hope and change" that we've been promised? What about the recent elections? What about . . .

I think your prediction is accurate, as well as the anchor on which we rest our souls.

Brian said...

Profoundly said! Tis the season to be faithful...fa la la la la la la la!

Blogging by Tina said...

Terry, do you have any idea what these "rough days" may consist of?