Tuesday, October 26, 2010


San Francisco sets the stage for game one of the World Series.  I pick Texas to win in five.  Prophetic?  No; neither in the winner nor the amount of games.  Just enjoying the guesswork!

Next Tuesday attention will be riveted upon the elections as campaigns will cease and new sound bites will pound the earwaves.  I'm interested.

While the World Series is about sports and the National Elections are about....elections, I direct your attention to an even greater matter; caring for homeless children.

Mountain States Children's Home, nestled in the foothills of the Rockies near Longmont, is celebrating 50 years of the God-heart.  Sacrifice and tears, fatigue and worry, faith and hope have bathed MSCH to become a light house for discouraged, abandoned, or abused children throughout these five decades.

Randy Schow is the Executive Director.  No one is sharper in this field.  This servant-heart drives the entire Northwest to keep the fires burning for this monumental cause.  His wife, Janice, is the Educational Director for their school.  The Family of God has built one of the cutest school houses you've ever seen!

MSCH resides on a farm...my kind of place!  Here's what I saw when I was there.  All of the adults involved in providing leadership and parenting have fulfilled an amazing feat.  They have provided a wholesome place for fragile children to discover a new normal.  How phenomenal.

God has a million pockets of WonderMystery going on all over the globe in all decades and centuries.  May we live appreciatively of the WonderWorkers who make Mountain States Children's Home a strategic footprint of a step Jesus takes.

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Anonymous said...

Just another example in my life of how God, at times, seems to pound the same message into my heart through several channels all at once. No way that it's coincidence. I read this post as we heard this week about the Cry of the Orphan special coming out from Focus on the Family, Steven Curtis Chapman, etc. (very much worth looking into for churches, by the way). All as my wife and I ponder and pray about adoption because of being prodded from other directions on top of these.

So thankful God adopted me!!