Wednesday, October 27, 2010


New isn't anything new to believers.  It is one of my favorite topics.  God is all about new....and He has made me a new man.

There would be several areas God has struck, but this one I now share is major.  Thomas a Kempis said, It is futile to wish for a long life, and then to give so little care to living well.  Referencing the place where God reversed my temperament I would say, Life is futile if we strain to make it work best and then fail to love each "right now" moment.

God changed my world.  He taught me to love day by day; not project by project.  When He did this for me everything changed to my advantage.  Celebration remains exciting; but even criticism counts.  Hope is no longer lived long-range only....but is a current state of the heart.

As a grown man I lived in ministry as a pouter and a loser.  God changed the map.  His directions led me to see Jesus' purest call to be one of Abundant Life and nothing short of it.  I had to make some mental transfers for I was faking life; I tried to look enthusiastic on the outside while the inside of the cup was full of resentment and dead mans bones.

Whether my team wins or loses (whether I win or lose), whether the day goes great or gnarly, whether the purchase was a bargain or a gyp, every right now is a great right now.  My days are not dependent on anything other than Jesus.  My mood is not up to how others respond to me.  Neither is it how I do on tests nor learn of severe interference.  Yes, many times I cry for I still have a tender heart.  The new is my paths are not littered with disruption for everything along the way is a kingdom opportunity.

When God causes one to be born again, He means it.  We are to be NEW.  We are neither remodeled nor refurbished.  We are brand new....every day....II Cor 4:16-18!



Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush, I so needed this post. Thanks for your encouragemet; you do not know the heavy heart you lifted today.

Deborah said...

Terry, there are so many days that I hear your question, "Don't you just love right now?" ringing in my ears.

God loves us SO MUCH that He lets us be new every single day! What a great "right now"!!

Josh Chandler said...

Amen! I like that. "Love day by day; not project by project." " a current state of the heart." Praise God that I have hope by his definition and not by the world's. Hidden in Christ, I have a hope that is certain, sure, and that I can have and am commanded to have confidence in! It is not about projects, but Christ! When Christ is our life and we walk with Him, He will lead us by His Spirit and gives us His gift of love. Love for Him, our brothers and sisters and the lost who need this message of Hope that does not disappoint. Thank you for your post Mr. Rush.

Norsemanrm said...

EXCELLENT my friend!!