Thursday, October 28, 2010


Being converted to God in my early years was, of course, a giant leap of new direction.  I'm still thrilled.  However, involved in that step was a disastrously ungodly personality change.  I was instantly the only one right among family and friends....and not afraid to inform them of such truth.

During these wonderful years as student and minister, I have increased in being a learner and decreased in spouting off about how very right the few who get to be the only ones right are!  The two won't coexist.  Learning will not marry self-righteousness. 

I don't mean to put us down; but to wake us up.  We talk a bigger talk about "knowing" than we have basis for our knowledge.  Let me share how off-base I was.  If anyone other than us shared a story of God working in their lives, I would feel sorry for them that they were so ignorant not to know God would not look their way for they didn't know Truth.  I did, however!  Even in my early years I would be stumped as to how God could use such poor/bad believers.

But....I have been forced to learn.  I've learned that Jesus taught one can know Bible and not know him.  I've learned that God does not work the same way in all people.  I've learned that while I have taken cheap shots at other brands, they were highly more devoted to prayer and fasting than I ever considered.  This list can be expanded.

We are right because we are right won't cut it any longer.  No one is right unless Jesus makes us right.  We don't get there because we have outsmarted others; but only because Jesus suffered the maxmimum penalty for our death-penaltied sins.

As we grow in the seriouls trek of following God a bit closer, we may need to consider the truth that we need to do a lot of undoing of that which we have notoriously undone.

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Donna G said...

That is the hard part...even in our own thinking....undoing all the "junk" we embraced, believed, and beat people over the head with. But God's grace will cover us in all that too!