Friday, October 29, 2010


Each flower petal is so magnificent in structure and elegant in beauty that if we could understand how God created such, we most likely would pass out.  So it is with people.

Don't underestimate the sheer brilliance buried within every person.  Refrain from cataloging some as valuable and others as not.  Stop the leak of lost respect for humanity.  It carries a secret--no, The Secret--within each individual.  There is no exception.

Our job, admittedly, is to find the map and dig again at times.  Nonetheless, treasure is abundant in each.  We tend to think that since we have forged our paths all others should do the same.  Yet we also tend to forget the extreme patience and abundant mercy shown us while we fumbled our way through the ditches to solid pavement.

Estimation would lead us to think humanity is on a course of increased falleness; irresponsible, hopeless, and/or difficult.  Enter Jesus' offering of resurrection power.  To the ones struggling or the ones struggling with the strugglers?  To the latter to pass on to the former.

Therefore, it is up to those who have been led to the solid road of Jesus to pass the baton of absolute hope in every neighbor, colleague, and even enemy...with extreme patience and abundant mercy.  When we catch on that we are in the presence of brilliance instead of a bum, in the presence of celebrity rather than culprit, resurrection power just might hit the streets where we live!

Thank you God that someone(s) had enough faith to believe in us.  Give us the vision to keep the new life flowing.  May we make someone's day by sending strong signals we believe hope into them.

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j said...

Thank you for your message that everyone needs hope. I was delighted to witness wisdom spoken from members of a very poor church, when their appearance did not match their articulation. It is easy to personally judge the outside of a person, what they had done or happen to them when we are not supposed to, but God gives wisdom to all if they decide to follow Him no matter what you look like.

I heard a preacher say we accept God's grace for ourselves, but do we give it out to others.