Monday, October 25, 2010


The church is steadily making improvements and gaining momentum in serving the poor within our own community.  Mission trips to Honduras and Mexico, etc., is to be heralded as impactive and fruitful.  My observation is we have been a group more aligned to travel elsewhere or throwing money at it than (in addition to) tending with such interest in our own back yard.

But now are improving at joining our missionaries in their work by propelling ourselves into the mission of the homeland.  And the church is becoming wonderfully enthused because we about what we should be about.

The trend is growing in a good way toward home.  We are hearing His call.  One of the reasons is our nation is becoming poorer in so many communities.  It is a joy to hear testimonies from among us by those who were once homeless who are now homed.  Their inability to contain their emotions as they share what God has done for them transfers to our inability to fight the tears as we learn to be one people....linked as family.

And then there is the by-product.  As we move more to the path of Jesus' treads, we also lean in upon his abrupt distaste for the dead wood which might be found in each of us along the way.  As hearts open to compassion, the complaints and selfishness will find less attention to our childish whims.

All people are welcome; but not all dispositions.  Much of my personality has had to encounter the fires of kingdom rigors.  I feel certain it isn't over!  But a good thing about the church's communitorial outreach is it will put good pressure on our childish traits to set it aside and move into the zone he works best....there are workers needed in our

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