Monday, August 09, 2010


We work for God for heaven's sake!  So we want to realize way up front that we are not going to reach a point where we have His ministry mastered. isn't going to happen.

This is why we will always be in kindergarten doing His work.  God isn't a slave driver.  He is an adventurer, creator, and backer of His own us!

Therefore, little ones, don't get discouraged when you had hoped to be farther down the road than you are.  Your calling isn't to accomplish all you had planned; but to be lured by His call into all He has planned.

Behind at the end of the day or the week....or the year?  Be not discouraged.  His kind of labor is of the magnificent kind.  There will always be more to think about than we've ever thought, learn about than we've learned to this point, and more work to do than we've ever gotten done.  Why?  God. 

You won't get ahead in ministry.  But others will because of your efforts...for they will come to know Jesus!

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