Saturday, August 07, 2010


I've been watching the Hallmark Movie Channel with Marion Ross as one of the stars.  Recall Ms. Ross was the mom on Happy Days twenty some years ago?

Seeing her took me back a few years as our family had been invited by Hawaii 5-0's James MacArthur to be his guest in Oklahoma City on Thanksgiving Day.  A crew was in the city doing a stage play.  He asked us to drive over and spend the day with him and be his family on that holiday. 

Our kids were in Jr. High.  We sat in a hotel lobby most of that Thursday afternoon visiting with James and two of his co-stars; Larry Storch and Marion Ross.  Mary and I were pleased; but I must say our kids were especially enamoured by Ms. Ross as she made over them. 

All three stars treated us as their honorary family as they were a long way from home on such a family kind of day.  After the play was over the three walked us back to the hotel parking lot.  They were delightful.

A few years later I wrote Marion to ask if she would encourage a special young acting talent at Wright Christian Academy.  That she did....and wrote me a kind note as well.

Our paths cross interesting people from time to time.  It is fun to see some of them show back up on the screen.  Our lives.....have so much wonder in them, don't they?

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