Saturday, August 07, 2010


Unexpectedly a visitor walked into our office yesterday morning.  He just popped in to see if those of us around would have insight or questions for his boss.  Lita Blevins and I obliged.

Dan was surely delightful to visit.  Lita and I responded according to his request for ideas we might have as he is the field representative for Senator Tom Coburn.  Lita brought out concern about support for schools while I countered with concern over the seeming gap between Washington and America.

But then Lita and I turned the tables.  I asked him what we could do to really, genuinely encourage the Senator and himself.  I don't think he had encountered that position.  He looked surprised and pleased.  From then on the ball was in our court and we had a most beneficial discussion.

I shared with Lita after Dan left that the part that excites me about the entire volley of ideas is that this seed will crop up down the road in some beneficial way to the kingdom.  I don't know how.  Nor do I know when.  I just know it will.

When we turn the tables and care for those on the other side, God's magic seems to proceed.  How fun to visit this young man....and how fun to wait with exact anticipation as to something coming from this moment.


Lita said...

In case anyone be under the impression that I had any part in the latter, positive volley, I must set the record straight. I was interested in what he / Coburn could do for us. Terry was interested in what we could do for him.

I am continually learning from you, my friend. A great example of Kingdom work.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

If you had a "like" button I would *like* this...