Friday, August 06, 2010


That the Dark Forces are profoundly devious can be found no clearer than in the aggression of dismantling the truth of God for a lie.  It should be no surprise such a lie is labeled....truth.

My heart is quite saddened over the arrogance of us.  We are steeped in exposing the Code of God's glorious system to the point that unless all others are like us, they simply missed out on the true truth.

A problem with this arrival is which ones of us shall we believe?  The one-cuppers or multiple?  The instrumental or the non?  The liberal or the conservative?  The lectureship speakers or the gospel meeting kind?  The singular song leader or the worship team?

I don't think any of us in the brotherhood know enough about God to be the authorities we deem deserving.  Yet, we know just enough to be evilly divided in the name of truth.  Division comes from Darkness; not Light.  Jesus prayed we be one and we have taken up that cause; but the result is hideous division.

Overall what has happened is the roosters and the hens have gathered in the hen house three times a week for so long that the Word has lost its salt.  Yes we are the very ones the salt sermon fits.  We are the ones who dearly love to have our ears tickled to the point truth is no longer sought; but rather favorite passages serve as refuge for faux-security.

We will need to continue a rightful probe of the Word of God.  We must be tediously careful that we do not dismantle the truth in the name of truth.  May its power be free to speak to our own ears.

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