Thursday, August 05, 2010


The kingdom of God is too huge, too important, and too majestic for us to waste our days being peeved, rattled, or just plain upset.  Ah, I spent my fair share in that soup.  It isn't fun.  But from its pain I learned something greater.  It isn't necessary.

I found myself being a better Martha than a Mary.  I was a busy sort moving and shaking the troops to get the work underway.  But I wasn't still.  I wasn't in last place; but rather moving my way up to first.  And you know where first place finishes in the kingdom.

It isn't that I've grown not to care.  I still do.  However, I have learned a bit better to let God be God and I would be me.  Whew!  Such a load off of my plate.

Of course I want the church to do well.  Of course I want the members to hit on all eight.  But I'm increasingly finding myself in last place instead of the head of the pack.  The good news is that in my losing ground I am gaining confidence for I see Him working.

Agitation, aggravation, and sheer anger are not as necessary as I once believed.  The truth is I had not yet been convinced I wasn't the savior of the brotherhood so I had a lot of worrying and controlling and manipulating to do. 

But now...but now I realize my flaws more than wishing for strengths.  God is the will and the way.  My job is to stay out of the way.  When I do I find I am less rattled and more content.

Hmmm....wish I would have seen Philippians 4:11 sooner than I did. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks Terry! This was exactly what I needed to read right now. It takes more out of us to be stressed than to smile and enjoy life.
By the way, I am Nancy Scott's daughter and she is in St. John's in Owasso right now. Please add her to your prayers. She is dehydrated and having more kidney problems.
Kami Day

shudgins said...

Terry, thanks for not drowning in the soup. Thanks for sharing the soup as it was food for thought. Your thoughts inspired my writings on my blog. We need to be reminded that we are not the savior of the brotherhood, but a tool like a life perserver to bring them home to the true SAVIOR!