Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I had an experience of failure yesterday and I think it important to say so.

Here's what I think about.  Every encounter with a breathing person includes awareness they may be searching for God.  I do what I can to knock on that heart-door to see if one might answer.

Yesterday I stopped by a machine shop to have a part made for my tractor.  I had never been in this business before and did not know any of the staff.  This is how I go in.  I am there for the tractor part second and for His opportunity first.  That's the way I do all business.

So I'm watching for my spiritual entry which did not show up in my initial visit.  I had to return home to retrieve another part for their evaluation.  Upon my second entry....nothing.  No door.  No signal.  No discussion other than about the piece in question.

In the afternoon I got a call that the work was done and I could pick up the part.  This time I took my business card and gave it to the owner of the shop.  Hey, I want you to have my business card.  I'm a minister around the corner and I appreciate how you all have helped me today.  What would you guess was his response?

Barely a grunt of Uh-huh.

A weak grunt!  That's what I got.  A weak grunt?

And then I realized what had happened was a kingdom opportunity for I bet some of you think I go through life with complete strangers bowing as they ask if they could be baptized immediately.  Not so.

Mission failed.....except.  Here's what I did that will possibly change your world of evangelism.  I am content with a low-grade grunt.  Do you know why?  The man handed the card "might" keep the card off in some far-away drawer and if/when the tumor is found or the stroke hits....maybe he will remember me.

This does go on; you need to know.  People don't respond to our evangelistic time-tables.  They respond to God's nudge and what you and I do is sow seed for the God-Nudge moment.  Maybe one will call on us and maybe not.  For certain, people are looking for God somewhere, somehow, someday. 

Plant seed everywhere just in case yours is specifically needed for the person in your presence!

See?  Even failure has benefits!


Brian's Bibilcial Minute said...

You're right! Thanks for sharing your evangelistic moment. What is encouraging though is knowing there are folks like you still doing evangelism!

I wrote a letter to Lindsay Lohan while she was jailed. Don't know if there will be a response to God or not from her, but at least she got a Jesus message.

Greg said...

You are the one who finally taught me how to be evangelistic through my lifestyle rather than some church program. We plant kindness and compassion and grace and water it.