Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Encouragement is one of the most valuable commodities in any one's day.  Whether President of a nation or instructor of a flight crew or hanger of wallpaper, everyone needs the cheering process.  I am an encourager and for good reason.  I began adulthood highly disappointed and discouraged.

But do you know....are you aware of the principle of encouragement?  It's so simple that it is far too often completely missed.  How would you guess encouragement comes?  Sow it.  Sow encouragement.

How many I know who want encouragement; yet complain because they don't have it.  I believe them.  They are not lying.  They don't have encouraging things come their way.  But there is a reason; they do not sow encouragement.

Begin with one phone call or one note or three.  Tell someone what it is you like about them; what you appreciate about their work habits or life skills.  Say so.  Many of us wish....but we fail to say.  Should we fail to plant by saying.....a harvest of being said back to us is not coming for we never planted it.

We reap what we sow.  Sow complaint; you draw complainers but not encouragers.  Sow appreciation and the same will return.  Set out to build a garden of encouragement and then expand into farms.  I experience a rich life of encouragement.  Yet, you might want to know that years ago there wasn't much of a crop coming in.  The change didn't come about because "they" did; but rather because I did.

Sow lots.  Believe in people and tell them so.  God will grow substantial crops.


Jarrod said...

I agree with this post. Growing up I would not have thought I would be where I am now. I had a low self-esteem, but I realized in young adult how many people need encouragement. This is why when I got into the blog world I titled it "Encouragement and Motivation".

I continue to sow encouragement even if I don't always reap it (especially as a minister). However, it does give me a greater outlook to look for the good things God is doing with each day. I also am in constant wonder about how my interactions will be made to reflect Him.

Brenda said...

I love this. I feel I'm a rather encouraging person. I love to give encouragement. But I too LOVE to receive it.
It wasn't always like that. I was uncomfortable with receiving it in the past, but not anymore. I believe it is because I turned the tables around to become an encourager to others. But then, I got frustrated because I wanted so badly to receive encouragement too, but wasn't getting it....or not at least in the form I wanted! But I continued and I have found that the more I encourage others...the more I am already encouraged.
Encouragement comes in all different types. It doesn't have to always come in the form of a note, or kind words, but it can come from a look, a hand shake, or even a hug. Encouragement has no shape or size to it, but it has a heart strengthening tool that matters to most everyone.
I continue to encourage others, because God encourages my heart each time I do!

Steven Hovater said...

Yes! We have to work towards building the culture of encouragement into our churches! The habits of encouraging the people yuou encounter aren't natural to us, but have to be cultivated and nurtured by people willing to be a bit different than the crowd. What a difference it could make in the long term!

Brian said...

I guess I fall into the category of the one who wants encouragement and complains when I don't receive it.

I am very much of an encourager. But, I guess at times, I struggle when I am not getting my needs of encouragement met. Is that bad?

You profoundly challenged me today, Terry! I am grateful for you and the ministry God has gifted you to do. May many blessings come your way today and this week.

You are loved and appreciated by me and countless millions; Most of all, by God, Jesus, and Spirit!