Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I don't write this to gain sympathy.  I don't need any.  I speak of it to address an area which probably strikes you at times.  I merely want to give you ideas about God's system to consider.

I'm doing a funeral Friday afternoon for a man killed in a motorcycle accident Saturday night.  He was 54.  His family has no church.  Most of his friends have no church.  Hundreds will attend. 

I'm sick over much of this development.  This kind of situation weighs on my heart much harder than most. 

Simultaneously, there is good news in the mix.  That this family would choose our church, for it is big enough to handle the crowds and (as the minister) I am little enough to not get in the way, is a magnificent blessing.  I fear approaching the pulpit for I am so emotional; yet, can't wait to get there because God will bless these people with His kindness and love.

In dealing with the family I am so aware of both their pain and their need for someone to notice them individually.  I will do a good job---I am confident He will in me---while I will cry on the inside the entire time and on the outside part of the time.

I will not preach a gospel meeting.  I will let them see the gospel shining from our entire church for in various little things we will preach strong and subtle sermons like providing food, undoing all our VBS preparation for the family to have the funeral here, the visits, calls, prayers....on and on....this family will walk away knowing they have encountered the lovely Spirit of Christ.

My heart is heavy....very much so....but for a perfect cause.  May He be glorified for how He works well in the very center of death....and in the very center of our entire Memorial Drive team.


Greg England said...

We had a funeral like that here last week. Forty-eight year old husband, father of three. Killed on a motorcycle on morning of July 4. Not a Christian, but the family was shown Christ through many avenues, including our care for them. I will be praying for you, Terry.

Janice Garrison said...

You are right, God will bless you and bless those who come there to pay their final respects.

A sermon in action is all that is needed and I'm confident they will see the love of Chirst from you and those ministering to them.

Praying for you and I hope you will write about how the day went.

Tom said...

This is a perfect example of why I love reading your blog. Thank you....