Monday, July 12, 2010


Everyone is you know....important.  I don't know about you, but I really wanted to be important when I got big.  I had a problem though.  I didn't have important credentials; high IQ, looks, talent, political clout.  I was a runt in runts clothing...well okay not that bad. 

But I wanted to be important.  I wanted to be more than I was.

It is a strange thing---or is it---that the Bible never speaks of being important.

It does speak a lot of something which has not come natural for me; contentment.  In whatever circumstances, He says, be content.  Not me.  I needed the day to lean a certain way for me to be satisfied...and that was that I was important.

One of the things I really like about God is He is loaded with secrets for our benefit.  One of His more risky ones is if we will lose ourselves we will find ourselves.  If we are to be important; we will need to lose the importance of being important. 

What we are to do is let go of it.  Let it fly off like a loose kite.  Farewell hunger to be somebody!

Our job is not to become anything....but just be mindful of God and others.  Our job is to pay good attention to others; not what I want, I like, or I need.  When we take care of others; love with come back....and we'll be content. 

We don't really want to be important.  We want that God-nature about us to be satisfied.  We want to be loved.  So how do we acquire that element?  Love others.  Show interest in them.  It isn't a matter of you receiving love.  It is a matter of one thing which satisfies the Father; give love to others.  That's our job. 

Regardless of the rate of return, we are content.  Importance is a poor goal.  Meaningful life is a higher calling.  So when we are content....we won't have the hunger to be important. 


Anonymous said...

I've struggled with the need to feel 'important' quite a bit. Comparing myself to everyone else is also a prime cause of that feeling/need. Being content and worrying about others more than myself is the antidote! And, like you said, we don't REALLY want to be important...for the most part, many people who are become unhappy because their lives are not their own.

Brian said...

You hit me hard today! I needed it as a reminder that it is all about God, not me!