Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Jesus is the Master Leader. 

He succeeded in the very place we struggle; paying attention to the things God counts as important.  One of his more admirable traits was his ability to stay focused while capitalizing on every interruption.  Jesus ran into perpetual interference to his walk (one touched the hem of his garment...another was up a tree) without flinching. 

He never strayed from God's ideal will.  Jesus sorted wheat vision from chaff vision.  Wonderfully, his concentration turned the daily grind into major events when we would tend to see them as minor; maybe distractive.

Focus.  The way to handle interruptions and interferences to one's schedule is to ponder which moment is a kingdom event.  Church life isn't just about counting budgets and baptisms, attendance or lack of.  It is about whenever "now" would happen to be; for "now" is that wedding of past labors while pregnant with future hope.

Andy Stanley wrote, Making your vision stick requires bold leadership.  It will require you to develop a healthy intolerance for those things that have the potential to impede your progress.  All the leaders I've met have mental pictures of what could and should be for their organizations, but not every leader is willing to pay the price to turn his or her ideas into reality.  It takes more than imagination and passion to make what could be and should be into what is.  Seeing a vision become a reality requires more than a single burst of energy or creativity.  It requires daily attention.  Daily commitment.

The minor things don't impede our progress for often those involve futuristic life situations.  Chasing after non-kingdom dead-end alleys is what impedes.  The daily grind calls for attentive and deliberate focus upon the seemingly insignificant while constantly discarding the tempting husks of fame and fortune which matter little.

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