Tuesday, July 06, 2010


We are a nation of believers feeling somewhat stranded as to what and if we can make a difference.  Trouble surrounds us.  Threat is imposing.  What can we do?  Anything?

We must not sit on our hands.  We must raise our hands.  Dr. Charles Stanley's sermon on the 4th of July called all believers to pray for 140 days for our nation.  You can see the sermon at http://www.intouch.org/.

It is time we move some mountains in this nation.  Humanism has run its course to the extent we grasp the fact society cannot survive without the grace-given input of God. 

I encourage you to connect to this movement; not by praying only but by increasing the number of prayer soldiers.  Spread the word. 

There is much work to do in believing him whom He sent....Jn. 6:29.


John Dobbs said...

Personal quirk: I do not like anything with X days (40 days of this, 10 days of this, etc.) ... but ... we must return to prayer. Thanks brother for the encouragement.

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